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Male Plumber Cleaning Clogged Sink Pipe With Drained Cable
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Full-service Drain Cleaning Company

Clogged drains or sewers can damage your properties severely. Leaving them without proper maintenance and diagnosis will only worsen things, as it will cause premature wear down to your plumbing system and necessitate frequent repairs in the future. Keeping this in mind, our workers at Hepburn Plumbing offer comprehensive drain cleaning services for building, sewer, roof, kitchen, garage, and bathroom drains.


We provide great service quickly, so call us now. If you're in need of sewer or emergency drain cleaning in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton or Waterdown, give us a call right away, and we will take care of the rest.

How to Prevent Drain Clogs?

As a family-run plumbing company, we understand the importance of maintaining the free flow of sewage in the drainage systems to avoid health hazards and property damage. While there are various issues that can clog a drain, some of the primary factors to consider to prevent blockage are as follows:

  • Abstain from using the kitchen sink as a garbage disposal unit.

  • Refrain from flushing any non-waste or bathroom paper items.

  • Use a hair trap within the shower to avoid shower or tub drain clogs.

Plumber Snaking a Kitchen Sink Drain
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Slow or Clogged Drain?

Count on our team for thorough drain inspection, diagnostic and cleaning solutions.

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